One of the Diseases that Handled by Gynecologically

Often lay people are confused with obstetric and gynaecological terms. This term concerns the branch of medical science that studies and handles women’s health. Doctors who are experts in the field often by lay called a gynaecologist or gynaecologist. Medically known as obstetric and gynaecologist specialist or often called a specialist obstetrics and gynaecology. If you are looking for Recommended Gynae In Singapore, you can visit our website and get more information.


Gynaecology comes from the word Gynaecology. In general, gynaecology is the study of femininity. (Science of women). But in particular is the science that studies and handles the health of women’s reproductive organs (organs consisting of uterus, vagina and ovaries). There are several countries separating the two branches of science into different specialities, but most obstetricians are also obstetricians.

Women are the most vulnerable creatures exposed to various diseases, and especially disease in reproductive organs. The increasing number of women affected by disease or problems in reproductive organs make us more careful and maintain personal hygiene, especially our reproductive parts. Because one of the causes of these diseases or disorders is due to fungal or viral infections.

Internal genital inflammation is an inflammation of microorganisms in the vagina. As a result will appear whitish symptoms or fluorine Albus. The thick yellow and very much liquid will come out of the vagina. Around the vagina will feel hot, itchy, tender. The vagina will also experience pain during intercourse, pain during urination, and others.

When the infection spreads to the uterus and fallopian tubes it can occur fever accompanied by symptoms of lower abdominal pain right / left and called pelvic inflammatory disease (pelvic inflammatory disease). The discharge of this whitish fluid can occur due to excess hormone, germ infections such as n. Gonorrhoea, candida albicans, protozoal or trichomonas infections, and others.

Inflammation usually occurs in the internal genital organs such as: First, the Uterus is a pear-shaped muscular organ, coated with peritoneum (serosa). During pregnancy serves as a place of implication, retention and conceptual nutrition. At the time of delivery in the presence of uterine wall contractions and the opening of the uterine internal genitalia, the content of conception is excluded. Consists of the corpus, fundus, cornu, isthmus and the internal genitalia uteri.

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